Betsy Devos Hand in Philanthropy gets her a State Job

Betsy Devos has earned an outstanding reputation for her work in philanthropy. She strives to create an enabling environment for business people, students among many others. Most of her donations go through Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation. It was founded in 1989. The contributions mainly go to the education sector, leadership schools, talent enhancement centers, and various Christian missions. Betsy Devos is the daughter of Elsa and Edgar Prince. She was born in 1958 and grew up in Holland, Michigan. Devos went to Holland Christian High School after which she enrolled at Calvin College. There, she took an undergraduate degree in business economics. During her time in college, she joined politics. According to Philanthropy magazine, Betsy involved herself in campus politics. Betsy is married to Dick Devos, an entrepreneur, and businessman with whom they have four children. Dick was the president of Amway; a company passed down from his father. She is a grandmother to five children.


In her career, Betsy has held several leadership positions. She has acted in the capacity of chairman at the Windquest Group. The organization is privately held with interests in the investment industry. It offers a diversified portfolio of consumer goods and services. Betsy has actively participated in politics for over 35 years. She has served as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for four times. Additionally, Betsy has taken up leadership roles in political action committees, party organizations, and campaigns. Today, much of her political contribution goes towards advancing educational choices. In the world of philanthropy, Betsy chaired the American Federation for Children. She also served as a board member in ArtPrize, American Enterprise Institute, and the Devos Institute for Arts Management.


Despite Betsy and Dick Devos having spent a sizeable amount on political activities, they have also spent quite a fortune in support of the society. Information released by Politico shows that the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation donated over $10 million to several organizations in 2015 alone. In the same year, they pledged an additional $3.2 million in grants. In 2015, through the foundation, Betsy donated $150,000 to Success Academy Charter Schools. The Potter House also received $200,000. In a recent interview with Philanthropy Roundtable, Betsy said that a conversation with a parent who had a student in the school sparked her interest in advocating for School Choice program. In the same year, Betsy and her husband donated $100,000 to Alliance for School Choice, a non-profit that closely works with AFC. Betsy contribution to philanthropy extends to the healthcare industry. The Devos family supports pediatric oncology through donations made to the Helen Devos Children’s Hospital. She is also a major supporter of ArtPrize. Today, Betsy is the Secretary for Education in Trumps administration.


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Talos Drills New Offshore Well in Mexico

The energy market has experienced a lot of changes in the recent times, there have been many companies coming up so that they can bring the reforms everyone has been looking for. Mexico has not been left behind in the energy reforms. In the last eighty years, the country has registered several changes. More than eighty years ago, the powerful nation announced that it had decided to clock all the foreign countries who wanted to show any interest in venturing into the Mexican energy market. The state had its reasons for embarking on this move. However, the country has decided to make changes to this law in the recent times. According to the energy ministry, a private company delivered its products through the Mexican waters just recently. According to the ministry, this has happened after waiting for the last eighty years.

Talos industries is the company that is responsible for the new developments in the competitive department. Talos energy is considered to be among the most powerful in the world, and this is one of the reasons it has embarked on this venture. According to the energy ministry, Talos Energy partnered with a company called Sierra Gas and Oil so that it could make the operation successful. The two companies embarked on the drilling of the well in May this year, and they have worked with several professionals so that the operations can be successful. The stakeholders in the competitive industry are very excited concerning the new developments in the energy market.

This is the first time Mexico has introduced a different company to carry out a major operation in the Mexican waters. Before, Petroleos Mexicano es was the only institution that was allowed to carry out any operations in the last eight decades. The company is owned and also managed by the state, and this is one of the reasons it has a lot of powers in the country. This will not be the case anymore. On the other hand, Talos energy is excited to get the opportunity. The private firm has a lot of expertise in the energy industry, and this is one of the main reasons it has been doing so well in the competitive market.