Why Madison Street Capital Wins the M&A Advisors Award Again

Madison Street Capital won the M&A Advisor award again this year. This firm, participating with another 650 companies was named as the winner in the Debt Financing Deal of the Year Award. It was a welcome win for the private equity firm at the 16th gala for the M&A Advisor awards in New York City. The transaction for WLR automotive, was noted as one of the top transactions of the year. The CO CEO and President of the M&A Advisor awards had nothing but the best to say about Madison Street Capital this year. “It gives us great pleasure to recognize Madison Street Capital and bestow upon them our highest honor for the M&A firms and professionals.” He also made mention of the fact that the firm stood out in the crowd among some of the best companies in the country.


The CEO of Madison Street Capital was equally grateful for receiving the award, and was proud to mention the Senior Managing Director that was heading up the deal with WLR Automotive. The firm has been recognized for many things, but their skill also set them apart in the category for Boutique Investment Firms as a finalist. This was no doubt a huge honor for the firm, as they stood out in two categories altogether.


Madison Street Capital isn’t just regarded for their ability to excel as a private equity firm. They are also noted for the role they play in philanthropy. Having worked with United Way, the firm has been able to give for those who have been in need for the most basic things include food and shelter. Their greatest drive is to make a difference in local communities as well as for global organizations. Partnering with United Way to resolve problems within the local communities has led to the fond way in which the community reveres Madison Street Capital for all they do.


Madison Street Capital has a fine team of professionals working within their firm at every level. They have worked with some of the finest companies and clients, forging long-term relationships. As they work with the local community and see the needs they have, they become more tied to the causes that matter most, and those that are not always a part of what they do within the four walls of their business.


The firm currently focuses their efforts on corporate tax planning, private equity and hedge funds, business valuations, and more. Additionally, they have experience in numerous industries including pharmaceuticals, food service, oil and gas, healthcare, technology, construction, aerospace, retail and consumer goods, mining, manufacturing, media, financial services and many others.


To learn more, visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/.

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