How Richard Blair Helps People Invest For Retirement

In Bee Cave, just outsides of Austin, Texas, there is a registered investment advisory firm that was founded by Richard Blair. The name of the company is Wealth Solutions and it has high-net-worth clients from around the region. Richard Blair serves as the Chief Investment Officer and he has built a team to operate the company so that it can meet the needs of its clients. He holds a number of financial certifications he has earned including among others Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, and Certified Estate and Trust Specialist.

There are three main parts of Wealth Solutions that Richard Blair has focused on over the years he has ran the company. The first is being a financial advisor, especially when it comes to being financially prepared for retirement. He has said that many people find it daunting to navigate how to invest for retirement, especially as they don’t have either the time or experience to deal with it themselves. Instead, they turn to financial professionals such as him in order to manage their retirement accounts.

Secondly, Richard Blair offers asset protection services. He offers to grow and manage a client’s wealth in exchange for reasonable fees. Asset protection is especially important for those in retirement who need to flip the switch from saving for retirement to instead spending the money they have accumulated doing the things they love to do. Richard Blair helps with this transition and protecting their wealth so that it lasts as long as the client does.

Third, at Wealth Solutions they offer financial education to their clients. This information can be accessed in a number of ways including in person and through email. Richard Blair offers his client’s this information on a pace that the client selects which can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly. People being educated about investing and retirement is something that Richard Blair finds to be very important.

Financial markets are always changing. This means that customized and flexible financial strategies need to be pursued depending on market conditions. At Wealth Solutions Richard Blair invests his client’s money in a conservative way. By doing so they can build wealth when the markets are going up but limit the damage when markets inevitably turn south. Of particular concern is when client’s are close to retirement and so want to have their money protected in case the timing of their retirement and a bad market happen to coincide.


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