George Soros Spurs on Progressive Policies in Return to Politics

George Soros saw the 2016 Presidential Campaigns playing out before his eyes like something out of a horror movie. A slow motion train wreck that kept speeding up was the image of Donald Trump, Republican nominee for President, gaining more and more steam. George Soros is a self made billionaire who has spent his entire career working toward becoming a difference maker. He stands for immigrant rights, criminal justice reform, artistic expression and transparent governing. To say that Donald Trump was against those traits would be an understatement. Trump was actively antagonistic toward the things that Soros feels most strongly about. So, Soros and his political adviser Michael Vachon did what had to be done: they got active once again. George Soros knew that the time was now and that progressives everywhere needed a boost. SO he returned and more information click here.

As far as billionaire progressives go, they are a relatively rare and limited lot. Most billionaires, whether consciously or unconsciously, have aligned with America’s right wing. The reason? Right wing politicians will fight tooth and nail to protect their billionaires and millionaires at the expense of everyone else. George Soros never cared about being protected. In fact, to this date, he has donated more than $12 billion through his philanthropic efforts at the Open Society Foundations. What George Soros believes in, fundamentally, is the need for progressive politics to reach out and touch every corner of the world. That is a huge part of why George Soros came out of his relative political hiatus to become active during the elections and follow his Twitter.

Unfortunately becoming politically active in the United States political scene means putting your money where your mouth is. For decades the right wing of American politics has become adept at churning up millions and millions of dollars in order to prop up their preferred candidates. As a result progressives have routinely been forgotten in the money making game. However, George Soros’ return changed things completely. Soros came back and donated nearly $25 million to various progressive PACs during the 2016 election campaign — including an additional $7 million straight to a Pro-Clinton political action committee. FEC filings show that Soros has been focused largely on the issues that matter most to him which include donations to Immigrant Voters Win, American Bridge 21st Century, Priorities USA, and the Voting Rights Trusts.

The return of George Soros did not only change his immediate givings to the progressive candidates around, but they also led other progressive donors to get back in the action. Soros helped to inspire guys like Tom Steyer, an environmentalist from New York, and a hedge fund operator named Don Sussman to get more active in the donation game to spur on more progressive policies and learn more about George Soros.

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