Jorge Moll’s development projects in Brazil

Jorge Moll is opening up Brazil to a new age of technology. His service to the people of Brazil is not only through his hospital services (in fact he owns one of the biggest Hospital Group in Brazil), Moll is also doing all he can to implement the wave of technology in the healthcare sector.


Through his organization, Jorge Moll is giving back to the community mainly through technology. It is impossible to list vital usage of technology without mention how it has revolutionized the delivery of health services.


All these have been witnessed in Silicon Valley, United States of America. It is the valley that has opened the ‘eyes’ of the health sector, and it can now ‘see’ more. Take for instance Google Glass; innovation beyond its time. Its usage in the health sector has improved how patients are attended to by doctors.


The device can capture the entire patient’s records within seconds. Its benefits are way more than it can be mentioned, but some of them include:


  • The doctors can now concentrate more on attending to the patients, unlike in the past when they had first to peruse through files to retrieve patients’ records
  • The device bridges the gap that existed between the patient and the doctor by the making the whole process more personal
  • Safety and medical efficiency increased.

Besides the device, smartphones and tablets are now being used to assist in health service delivery. There are phone apps that have been developed to enable patients access services such as appointments online without visiting health centers.


Remember the Jorge Moll’s institution we mentioned earlier? It is doing more than you can imagine. Ever seen a hospital that looks and feels like a restaurant- and not any restaurant, a 5-star one.


Welcome to the Star Cup, courtesy of Hospital Group. It features elegant designs in each of their rooms; you would confuse them with hotel suites. Those hospital corridors you’ve been accustomed to are now the past, no stretchers, only art galleries, heartwarming and welcoming lighting not to mention the absence of that ‘hospital smell,’ (you know that?).


The Star Cup was started in 2013 and is located adjacent to favorite beach Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana.