Glen Wakeman Cares About Charity and Strong Work

Things weren’t easy for Puerto Rico only recently. The hurricane had a massive negative effect on the Spanish-speaking island. Things were already tough for Puerto Rico, too. Its economic situation has been suffering for quite a while. Hurricane Irma in the beginning of September only made things worse for its residents. Roughly one million individuals experienced power outages after the natural disaster. Recovery missions helped many people get power back. They didn’t help all of them, however (DailyForexReport). Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico not long after. There were still about 60,000 individuals who didn’t have power at that time. Natural disasters including hurricanes can be extremely tough on people. That’s why volunteer work is so critical. That’s why charity is so critical, too. Glen Wakeman is a reputable businessman who is more than aware of the value of philanthropy and assisting others who are in need.


Glen Wakeman is someone who has a lot on his plate in his daily life. He’s an entrepreneur, mentor, and businessman all at the same time. He gives invaluable guidance and advice to fellow CEOs (Chief Executive Officers), too. He gives them tips that enable them to guide their businesses well. Wakeman works as Launchpad Holdings, LLC’s CEO right now. He’s the company’s co-founder, too. Launchpad Holdings is a respected SAAS (Software as a Service) corporation that was established back in 2015.


Wakeman lives and works in the lovely Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida regions. He’s a dedicated financial services professional who has a considerable amount of experience. He’s worked for a good number of other companies in the past. He’s been the Principal at Nova Four since the spring of 2015. He offers advisory services to the company. He enjoyed a lengthy and enriching career with GE Money, too ( He worked as the CEO for its Latin American operations. He began working with GE Money in December of 1985. He remained with the company until the spring of 2006 as well. Wakeman is a professional who has a lot of knowledge that relates to portfolio management, business development, negotiation, due diligence and process improvement.

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